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How can I configure FTP Commander?

Before this configuration you have to complete two steps.

1)  Download FTP commander and install it.
2)  Open your Account information email

Then follow these steps

1)  Load FTP Commander

2)  Click on New Server Button under the FTP-Server section

3)  Then fill the boxes using details of your hosting account (these are on the Account setting email)

     a)  Name              : Any name (Eg. domain name, My hosting account, My company account...)
     b)  FTP Server       : Your FTP server name. This is mention on your account details. (Eg. ftp.yourdomain.tld)
     c)  Port                 : 21 ( No need to change this)
     d)  User ID           : FTP Username
     e)  Password         : FTP Password

     * If your hosting account on Windows Server, then check "Passive Mode"

4)  Click on SAVE

5)  Then Select the FTP connection (Visible under the FTP Server section)  >> Click Connect Button on the Upper left corner (Before this your computer should connect with the internet)

That's all. Now you can select your web folder and upload files to your hosting account.


Linux hosting accounts (cPanel)       : Upload your files in to public_html folder.
Windows Hosting accounts (Plesk)    : Upload your files in to httpdocs folder.


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