Nov 17th Regarding PHP versions

We will be removed older PHP versions 5.2 and 5.3 soon, respective PHP version softwares will no longer be supported.

Kindly check your version and upgrade to highest possible supported version to attain improved security and performance. Please make sure to contact your web designer / developer to configure your web site and new php versions.

Mar 18th New Domain Price 2021

Domain Registration, Renewal and Transfer price for .com, .biz , .info has been updated on 01 Mar 2021 New .com Registration, Transfer and Renew Price Rs. 2400/- year New .biz Registration Rs. 3500/- First yearRenewal and transfer Price is Rs. 3900/- year New .info Registration Rs. 2000/- First year,Renewal and transfer Price is Rs. 3900/- year Read More »