Server : Windows 2008

Server software will be updated soon on above server and Server IP will be changes also

Things to consider: 

Shared IP of new server is

Added Features: 

OS will be updated to Windows Server 2012 so that you can benefit from new services that run on the OS (such as IIS 8.5, etc.). In addition to Windows 2012, we will be offering SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition and the latest .NET Framework on this new server. 

Removed Features: 

.NET Framework 1.1 and Microsoft Frontpage Extensions both have reached EOL (End Of Life) and Microsoft has not made them compatible with Windows Server 2012. This is why on new Windows Server 2012, .NET Framework 1.1 and Microsoft Frontpage Extensions will not be available. Sites requiring .NET Framework 1.1 will need to be made compatible with higher .NET Framework versions. Microsoft Frontpage can still be used but instead of Frontpage Extensions, publishing needs to be done through the FTP Upload method (and aspects requiring the frontpage extensions re-done). 

Connection Strings: 

SQL database will be updates to SQL Server 2012 so connection strings using ".SQLExpress" or "localhostSQLExpress" will not work. Connection strings will need to be updated to just localhost. We will mass update the connection strings in web.config files, please verify the connection string. 

If the connection strings were encrypted in web.config, those will need to be re-encrypted. 

WebDeploy Publishing Login: 

After this update, WebDeploy publishing login will need to be re-setup. This can be easily done from WebSitePanel > Website > Web Publishing tab. 

Thank you for your cooperation,

Monday, January 20, 2014

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